Top tips to maintain your boiler's efficiency

The last thing anyone wants is for their boiler to fail. They are not only costly, but they are also inconvenient, especially if you have a hectic schedule. However, you will be relieved to know that you may avoid this by reading through our top tips to maintain your boiler's efficiency!

 Bleed your radiators!

You may occasionally detect cold patches on your radiators. This is a typical issue that might indicate that air has been trapped in your heating system. This is easily fixed by bleeding your radiator, which entails removing trapped air and additional fluid until the heat returns. This should improve performance and convective heat projection while also lowering the pressure in your boiler.

Check that the pressure in your boiler is not too low. 

While bleeding your radiators will reduce the pressure of your boiler, you must ensure that your boiler's pressure is not too low. When the pressure in your boiler lowers and you need to repressurize it, you may check the pressure gauge to determine whether this is the case. The needle should be between 1 and 1.5 bars in the green zone. 

Provided it's too low, you may repressurize it using your boiler's filling loop if you're confident and understand the directions in your handbook. However, if you are unsure, it is better to call a Gas Safe licenced engineer to verify that the work is done safely and that you do not risk more harm.

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Check that your boiler is properly ventilated.

Boilers must breathe, and one of the most basic methods to maintain their health is to keep them ventilated. This is simple enough if your boiler is fixed to the wall, as long as nothing is placed on top of it. However, boilers are frequently housed in cabinets, and it might be tempting to put items such as towels and blankets, as well as jackets and bags, around them. This clutter inhibits your boiler from breathing correctly, and a lack of ventilation can lead to performance concerns. As a result, it's advisable to keep the space surrounding your boiler clear and locate another location to store your belongings!

Schedule a power flush

Your central heating system works incredibly hard and accumulates garbage and rust over time, reducing its performance. A professionally-undertaken system powerflush will assist remove any debris and filth from the pipes, allowing your heating to work more effectively and increasing the life of your boiler.

Book in a boiler service

A boiler service will aid in the detection of any problems with your boiler. It will also offer you comfort to know that your boiler is prepared for the winter. When booking a heating specialist to service your boiler, make sure they are Gas Safe registered!