How to cope with rising energy bills

While energy prices surge, there's no doubt that as a homeowner on the Yorkshire coast, you'll be trying to save money where you can and cope with rising energy costs. That's why the experienced team here at J. Wheatley Gas, Plumbing & Heating have outlined some ways to help you cope with rising energy bills.

Replacing your out of date boiler with an A-rated model

The most beneficial technique you can take in your house is to replace your present boiler with an A-rated unit. If you have an old boiler, you may probably save money by replacing it with a contemporary energy efficient boiler. We install major boiler manufacturers like Worcester Bosch, ATAG and Baxi, so you can count on us to supply you with some of the best boilers available. While we understand that this requires significant investment, there is cause to suggest that it will be much more beneficial for your energy efficiency in the long term.

Keep all doors closed to conserve heat 

Close any unoccupied bedroom doors. It will assist to confine the heat to a smaller area, allowing you to lower the thermostat setting by a degree or two. Remember to switch off the radiators in any rooms that aren't in use while you're there.

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Keep the loft hatch blocked at all times

Many individuals go to the trouble of insulating their loft, only to undermine their efforts by failing to stop the draught coming through the hatch itself. Place some insulating tape across all of the gaps.

Invest in pipe lagging

Pipe-lagging should be installed around any exposed copper pipes. The additional insulation will prevent heat loss from your pipe and keep the heated water inside warmer for longer. Most home improvement stores sell pipe lagging.

Throughout the summer, keep your boiler switched on

The most popular inquiries we get are, "Is it alright to switch off our boiler in the summer?" and "Is it good to leave the boiler running all the time?" Many homes switch off their boilers in the summer, mostly because they are not required. However, our heating professionals recommend turning it on for a few minutes to ensure that all of the components are functioning properly.

Book a powerflushing service

Your central heating system works incredibly hard and accumulates sludge and debris over time, reducing its performance. Professional powerflushing will assist remove any debris and filth from the pipes, allowing your heating to work more effectively and increasing the life of your boiler.